ArSAA Purpose & Goals


    The purpose of this organization shall be to provide (1) for the cooperative association of those persons engaged in college student personnel service and its administration; (2) for the promotion of state conferences to discuss the problems, progress, and possibilities of personnel services; (3) for the formulation and maintenance of professional standards among workers; (4) for the dissemination of the student personnel point of view among all educational workers; and (5) to provide programs, services, opportunities, leadership, and guidance to institutions of higher education within the State of Arkansas in developing programs which address state-wide needs.



    • ArSAA will increase institutional and individual memberships.
    • ArSAA will develop a directory of members to be placed in a members only section of the website.



    • ArSAA will develop an organizational handbook.


    Knowledge and Competencies

    • ArSAA program proposals will reflect ACPA professional competencies.
    • ArSAA will design and implement an online, peer-reviewed journal – The Journal of Arkansas Student Affairs Association.


    Professional and Career Development

    • ArSAA will host a fall conference each year as the major function to the fall conference.
    • ArSAA will host a New Professional Institute prior to the fall conference.
    • ArSAA will sponsor/co-sponsor other professional development workshops.